List of Healthy Foods and Snacks by Sarah Johnson For You

Eating the right foods for your body provides you with energy throughout the day. Here are a few suggestions of healthy foods and snacks that are easy to make:
1: Banana Slices and Nutella on toast
This is a simple breakfast that I love making in the morning. Instead of making toast and lathering it with unhealthy butter and sugar, add Nutella and Bananas on top of it. It is as simple as three steps:
(1) Toast your bread (wheat bread is the healthiest option)
(2) Spread a layer of Nutella on top of the toast
(3) Cut banana into slices and place them on top of the Nutella
One advantage of this meal is that the ingredients are incredibly cheap. You also don’t have to be a good cook to know how to make this, anyone can make toast! This meal is healthy due to the fact that it provides a lot of protein and potassium.
Also, this meal is very important for athletes and those who work out on a normal basis because this combination of food will help protect you from muscle cramps. However, if you add too much Nutella, it will become unhealthier for you.
This will give you a good meal to start your day and as a result you will feel more energized and ready to concur your day!
2: Blueberries (with yogurt)
A lot of times in the middle of the afternoon, I will be craving for a snack. At this time, it is incredibly important to stay away from the unhealthy snacks suck as chips or candy. A much better option for you would be blueberries!

This is not an option for a meal but it is an option for a mid-afternoon snack. Blueberries are good for you because they are low in calories and they are a very good source of vitamin C and fiber. According to studies, blueberries can help maintain brain function and improve memory! Another option you can do with blueberries is to put them in yogurt. Most yogurts are packed with a list of nutrients such as calcium and protein.
3: Chicken Noodle Soup
When I feel like I have cold, I will make soup for lunch or dinner. The warm soup helps my sore throat feel better. This canned mixture provides a mixture of different ingredients that combine all in one to provide key nutrients for your body. It has chicken, vegetables, noodles, all in one.
5: Oatmeal
Oatmeal provides great source of nutrients because it contains high amount of grains and fiber and it is good for your cholesterol.
All of these products are on my weekly grocery list because I have really loved the taste of the food and how it is also good for my body. There are many days that I am lazy when it comes to cooking meals, so these are usually my go to meals because they are fast and easy to make.