Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Cakes

Cake decoration is an art and you can learn all about it with expert advice and by the use of right tools. There are quite a lot of easy ways on how you can decorate birthday party cakes or wedding day cakes in an elaborate manner. There are some quick-fix ideas that really make sure that your cakes are done in style. You can approach professional cake-making course in Mumbai to learn simple yet innovative techniques in a hassle-free manner.

While you can find a number of inspirations online for the next cake you are making, let us have a look at some of the best and the most loved cake decorating ideas. While you can still decorate your cakes or cupcakes in flowers and other cake decorations, you can never go wrong with the cake decorating ideas mentioned below.

Presenting 4 amazing ideas on how you can decorate your cakes in attractive styles and using fabulous themes.

Dinosaurs’ fondue cake

This is a very simple cake decorating technique you will simply fall in love with. Yet the cake decoration looks complicated and resembles a professionally made one. Here is how it goes. You can create dinosaurs using sugar coated syrups or granulated sugar. You also get molds to have them done. You will have to crush a couple of cookies and chocolate bars to create the rocks they are standing on. Plus you will need little chocolate ganache for the lava. The dinosaur theme cake is all ready for display. You can enroll yourself with reputed cake making classes in Mumbai to learn simple cake-decorating techniques in an effective manner.

Convert pan-cakes into sumptuous birthday cake

Stack up a couple of pancakes you have every day for your breakfast. Then add some decorative sprinkles and some extra glaze on top of the layered stack of pan-cakes. The glittery birthday cake is all up for display.

Jelly-pop cake

Bake a five-layered cake and start sticking jelly candies or pop-up candies on top of the cake. You can start by decorating larger jellies at the top of the cake. Then you temper the cake with the smaller jelly bits. You can further beautify the cakes with gems, candies and other forms of sweetened delights. You can add fancy sprinkles to add to the woo effect. The jelly pop-up cake can leave friends and loved ones on a mesmerizing note.

Funfetti cake

Take a huge layered cake just to top the entire cake with designer sprinkles and add a lavish dose of chocolate ganache to make the cake look adorable. You can turn the baked, cooled and frosted cake upside down and then dip the cake into a bowl of sprinkles. This way, the sprinkles stick to the sides of the cake as well. Now, pour a lavish dose of chocolate cream or ganache for the ultimate funfetti effect.
Professional cake making course in Mumbai teaches students with up-to-date and in-trend cake decorating techniques in town. You can learn cake artistry in a better way when you join reputed cake making classes in Mumbai.