How to Save on Supplies for Your Ice Cream Store

Ice cream and frozen yogurt shops usually have a low profit margin. This means that you need to reduce overhead every way possible. If you are looking for a great way to save money when buying ice cream spoons and other related items for your venue, consider these easy steps.

Buy in Bulk

Whether you need to need to buy plastic yogurt spoons or other related items, a great idea is to place a bulk order. Many suppliers offer a reduced per unit price when you buy more items at one time. As a side benefit, this decreases the chance of you running low on supplies soon.

Find a Wholesale Supplier

It is also helpful to buy gelato cups and spoons or other necessary items from a wholesale supplier. Retail prices are usually substantially marked up, and this decreases your profit margin. The best wholesale supplier has all of the supplies you need in one location.

Shop for the Best Rates

Even when you shop from a wholesale supplier, such as Gelato Products, and place a bulk order, you may still not be getting the best rates possible. This is because rates vary substantially from supplier to supplier. Some also require you to pay the shipping fees. Compare rates, and also pay attention to shipping fees to find the best deal possible.

It is critical that you find a way to save money on your ice cream shop supplies. The good news is that you can employ each of these tips to more easily locate the best rates on your required supplies.