Here Indian Dishes and Cuisine Abroad

Indians are unbelievably adaptive in nature and can easily fit into any given environment. In this ongoing age of digital technology, India is one of the major manufacturers of software. To cut a long story short, these days, a large number of Indians live abroad. Thanks to this vast number of non resident Indians, the country’s cuisine is fast growing in reputation the world over. People, of almost every colour, creed and culture, prefer hot and spicy Indian cuisine. As such, excellent opportunity exists for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest into Indian restaurants outside the country.
Entrepreneurs’ aspect
The truth of this statement can be easily felt while one drops in at any Indian restaurant in Prague or anywhere else, on an ordinary weekend evening. Actually, back in 2010, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) declared that many Indian businessmen are willing to invest into restaurant business abroad. After almost a decade back the report has done justification to its findings.
There are many such investors, in the country, for whom immigration is a major issue in setting up business abroad. However, that is a different issue and will be taken up at the appropriate time. Through this article, it will be more appropriate discuss some of the top-ranking Indian dishes that are extremely popular all over the world.
Rising popularity of Indian cuisine
Indian cuisine is better known for its hot spicy taste. There was a time, when Europeans had much reservation about this range of cuisine. But, those times are now gone forever, as new generations of Europeans just find Indian cuisine lip-smacking tasty. Typical Indian preparations that are famous about foreign nations include, chicken tandoori, potato curries, chicken vindaloo, a vast range of kebabs and eggplant preparations. However, these all are typical north Indian dishes. There are also typical south Indian dishes like idli, dosa that are popular among the masses. Even the seasonal mango lassi and the strongly flavoured ginger cardamom tea have lots of takers from varying age groups.
Some of the most popular dishes in any Indian restaurant praha include the following:
Biryani: It is a preparation of rice and is a typical Mughlai cuisine. It includes pieces of meat, eggs or vegetables. The dish is prepared in varieties and each one tastes unbelievably superb. Unfortunately, it is not easy to prepare biryani in the authentic way to preserve its typically unique taste. Especially, in foreign lands, the task becomes unbelievably difficult. Thus, most restaurants prepare the rice and the meat or vegetables separately. Before serving, they blend the two well and pass it off in sealed pots called handis.
Chicken tandoori and chicken tikka: These are the other two popular dishes from Indian cuisine. These are two variations of marinated chicken, slow cooked in tandoor or the typical Indian grill. These apart, there are various sweet dishes or dessert items that are popular as well. However, most of these Indian desserts, if not all, are directly imported from the country.