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Discover Some of the Best Muffin Cakes For You

Making a muffin is not a hard task to do. All you need is the perfect recipe, a little patience and a lot of confidence.

Well, these are the top 6 muffin cakes in town. You can try these cakes at home with flavored and rich ingredients. To perfect skills of baking cakes, you can also enroll yourself in renowned cake-making and cake decorating courses.

Here we go with the trend-setting muffins:

Apple and Cinnamon cake

These are power packed muffins with the goodness of apple cedars and chopped slices of apples along with sprinkled form of cinnamon sugar crunch on top of the cake. These muffins are good for health and are filling as well. The professional cake decorating classes in Mumbai can acquaint aspiring bakers with the latest techniques on cake cum pastry decoration.

Banana muffins

These muffins are perfect for breakfast or can be eaten as sugary desserts too. Ripe and mashed bananas, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, all-purpose flour and eggs go into the making. These delicious muffins are quite easy to make and have a longer shelf life, as well. The muffins deep freeze quite easily and it just takes about 25 minutes for you to prepare them.

Blue-berry muffins

These muffins are made from fresh blue berries. Seasonal berries give a better flavor to your muffins. The fresh blueberry jam swirl melts inside your mouth in a jiffy. You have a sugar coat on top to give you a crunchy bite that you truly deserve.

Chocolate chip muffins

These muffins just take about ten minutes of your time to have them baked. The muffins are baked softer and do not turn crumbly either. The sugar sprinkle and chocolate chips on top of muffins make these ideal desserts for breakfast.

Morning glory muffins

Ingredients like shredded carrots, grated apples, ground walnuts and coconut, crushed cum dried pine-apple and raisins go into the making while these stuffed muffins are prepared. One feels healthier and energetic upon consuming these. For those of you who love having breakfast, these muffins can be power boosters.
You can look for professional cake decorating classes in Mumbai if you want to learn the nuances of a true baker.

Triple chocolate chunk muffins

Chocolate lovers can really rejoice consuming the triple chocolate chunk muffins. These muffins are made from a batter that contains incredible cocoa powder and dark chocolate while chocolate chips are sprinkled on to the top. A true chocolaty delight indeed!

These 6 varieties of adorable muffins can take breakfast lovers to cloud 9. Before you start making any of these, it is important that you master the art of making basic muffin right. You need to make sure you start off with your dry ingredients first and add the wet ingredients after that. It is also important to fold all the ingredients without any lumps, but some experts also suggest leaving in a few lumps to get a nice texture. Once you have mastered making the basic muffin, you can try making some special muffins for your family and friends.

Making a muffin is easy for both novice bakers and professionals and if you wish to master the art of baking, it is time you start taking cake-making and cake decorating courses to enhance your skills.

List of Healthy Foods and Snacks by Sarah Johnson For You

Eating the right foods for your body provides you with energy throughout the day. Here are a few suggestions of healthy foods and snacks that are easy to make:
1: Banana Slices and Nutella on toast
This is a simple breakfast that I love making in the morning. Instead of making toast and lathering it with unhealthy butter and sugar, add Nutella and Bananas on top of it. It is as simple as three steps:
(1) Toast your bread (wheat bread is the healthiest option)
(2) Spread a layer of Nutella on top of the toast
(3) Cut banana into slices and place them on top of the Nutella
One advantage of this meal is that the ingredients are incredibly cheap. You also don’t have to be a good cook to know how to make this, anyone can make toast! This meal is healthy due to the fact that it provides a lot of protein and potassium.
Also, this meal is very important for athletes and those who work out on a normal basis because this combination of food will help protect you from muscle cramps. However, if you add too much Nutella, it will become unhealthier for you.
This will give you a good meal to start your day and as a result you will feel more energized and ready to concur your day!
2: Blueberries (with yogurt)
A lot of times in the middle of the afternoon, I will be craving for a snack. At this time, it is incredibly important to stay away from the unhealthy snacks suck as chips or candy. A much better option for you would be blueberries!

This is not an option for a meal but it is an option for a mid-afternoon snack. Blueberries are good for you because they are low in calories and they are a very good source of vitamin C and fiber. According to studies, blueberries can help maintain brain function and improve memory! Another option you can do with blueberries is to put them in yogurt. Most yogurts are packed with a list of nutrients such as calcium and protein.
3: Chicken Noodle Soup
When I feel like I have cold, I will make soup for lunch or dinner. The warm soup helps my sore throat feel better. This canned mixture provides a mixture of different ingredients that combine all in one to provide key nutrients for your body. It has chicken, vegetables, noodles, all in one.
5: Oatmeal
Oatmeal provides great source of nutrients because it contains high amount of grains and fiber and it is good for your cholesterol.
All of these products are on my weekly grocery list because I have really loved the taste of the food and how it is also good for my body. There are many days that I am lazy when it comes to cooking meals, so these are usually my go to meals because they are fast and easy to make.

Tips How To Become a Professional Cake-Making Chef

Becoming a professional cake making chef is not an easy task to accomplish. While you might be an expert in baking cakes, you can evolve as an all new you when you learn from the experts in the cake making industry. The process of cake making not only involves baking a cake but it also decorating it and making it presentable.

Let us now have a look at the three steps on how one can become a professional cake making chef.


Learning to bake cakes is the right blend of art and science. Quite a lot of students who learn baking cakes just have routine recipes to make basic varieties of cakes. But to lend a finishing touch to cakes, to decorate them just the way professional patisserie designers do, and display the cakes at birthday parties, corporate get-togethers or at show-stopper events, something extra is needed. Hence aspiring bakers can have a look at the Create Section. Expert bloggers and cake lovers present varieties of in-trend cakes in town, share recipes for innovative varieties of pastries and show-case unique methods of decorating cakes using rose petals, polka dots, etc. A thorough look at the ‘Create’ section of the site can help you learn and re-invent better ways of cake baking and pastry designing.


After learning exciting ways of baking cakes or creating mouth-watering pastries, you have to perfect the skills of baking. You have easy access to You Tube tutorials which can help you make donuts, pastries, cupcakes and theme cakes in a hassle-free manner. Constant practice is therefore needed to bake those flawless cakes on the D-day. You have to master the art of baking cakes and also learn intricate cake decorating techniques to make the right business out of the same. By baking rich decorative cakes, you can procure orders to supply home-baked cakes to online showrooms, corporate companies, etc. You can supply cakes to outdoor kitty parties, birthday events and Anniversary day celebrations, as well. Mastering the art of cake-baking or pastry designing is thus the need of the hour.


You can then choose the right website for baking supplies and then stack up on the right kind of baking tools and equipment. You can personalize the collection which includes accessories like cake-baking pans, measuring jars, weighing machines, cupcake liners, parchment boxes, spatulas, measuring cups, cake-baking molds, turn-top tables, knives, cutters and other cake decorating tools. It is going to be a one-time yet life-time investment if you want to make a fruitful business out of the same. You can curate baking supplies and then buy them together as a lot. A number of baking supplies can now be availed at affordable prices. These form a pivotal part of stacking up on the right set of baking tools. You can create varieties of baked treats by using silicone cupcake molds. These are easier to wash and maintain, as well.
The three step formula to unleashing the inner chef in you has been elaborated. You can enroll in a baking course in Mumbai and learn all about the latest techniques of cake-making and hone your skills to better horizons.

Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Cakes

Cake decoration is an art and you can learn all about it with expert advice and by the use of right tools. There are quite a lot of easy ways on how you can decorate birthday party cakes or wedding day cakes in an elaborate manner. There are some quick-fix ideas that really make sure that your cakes are done in style. You can approach professional cake-making course in Mumbai to learn simple yet innovative techniques in a hassle-free manner.

While you can find a number of inspirations online for the next cake you are making, let us have a look at some of the best and the most loved cake decorating ideas. While you can still decorate your cakes or cupcakes in flowers and other cake decorations, you can never go wrong with the cake decorating ideas mentioned below.

Presenting 4 amazing ideas on how you can decorate your cakes in attractive styles and using fabulous themes.

Dinosaurs’ fondue cake

This is a very simple cake decorating technique you will simply fall in love with. Yet the cake decoration looks complicated and resembles a professionally made one. Here is how it goes. You can create dinosaurs using sugar coated syrups or granulated sugar. You also get molds to have them done. You will have to crush a couple of cookies and chocolate bars to create the rocks they are standing on. Plus you will need little chocolate ganache for the lava. The dinosaur theme cake is all ready for display. You can enroll yourself with reputed cake making classes in Mumbai to learn simple cake-decorating techniques in an effective manner.

Convert pan-cakes into sumptuous birthday cake

Stack up a couple of pancakes you have every day for your breakfast. Then add some decorative sprinkles and some extra glaze on top of the layered stack of pan-cakes. The glittery birthday cake is all up for display.

Jelly-pop cake

Bake a five-layered cake and start sticking jelly candies or pop-up candies on top of the cake. You can start by decorating larger jellies at the top of the cake. Then you temper the cake with the smaller jelly bits. You can further beautify the cakes with gems, candies and other forms of sweetened delights. You can add fancy sprinkles to add to the woo effect. The jelly pop-up cake can leave friends and loved ones on a mesmerizing note.

Funfetti cake

Take a huge layered cake just to top the entire cake with designer sprinkles and add a lavish dose of chocolate ganache to make the cake look adorable. You can turn the baked, cooled and frosted cake upside down and then dip the cake into a bowl of sprinkles. This way, the sprinkles stick to the sides of the cake as well. Now, pour a lavish dose of chocolate cream or ganache for the ultimate funfetti effect.
Professional cake making course in Mumbai teaches students with up-to-date and in-trend cake decorating techniques in town. You can learn cake artistry in a better way when you join reputed cake making classes in Mumbai.